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We have done this All Things Crazy , website, so all you out there can get a taste of what it's like to, maybe, have a lot of coins in games, or, how to do challenges for a game you like, or to find famous people in games.

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So we hope you enjoy. THANK YOU.

Stickwars Cheat for iPhone / iPod

This only works with Stickwars Pro. Firstly, play the game and press pause. In the middle of the pause menu tap it 6 times and wait, to know if it works put on the volume and a man should shout Cheater that is how you know it works and it should have given you points / coins there you have it. ENJOY :)

CP Tracker

Chrisdog93 Tracker

Chrisdog Tracker (club penguin star)

image created by Clubpenguincp.com Club Penguin Cheats 2012